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Companies can post their Job requests on this site. It is very easy to post a job with us for a simple fee. Advantages of posting a job on our site is that it gets noticed across the globe and gets posted across various affiliated job boards. This is a huge value-add. 

Reasons to Advertise with us:

  • Gain visibility to your website through thousands (and growing as you read this) of job seeking visitors searching our site every month
  • Benefit from our simple and clean interface allowing your message to stand out
  • Align your offer with an award winning site that utilizes powerful filters and tools to enhance the candidates experience
  • Instantly expand your reach via hundreds of niche market affiliates and partners
  • Companies can also get a list of their own jobs and other jobs of their choice listed on their sites and blogs. We can help you set that up.

Companies have an option of posting one job or get a package (coupon codes will be provided). All packages are for 1-month duration only.

Package Details Price
One Job 60 days duration  USD    9.99
2 jobs pack 60 days duration USD  14.99
5 jobs pack 60 days duration USD  29.99
50 jobs pack 60 days duration USD 249.99

* Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for custom Job Packages 

Note: It is very important that you post ERP jobs only. Non-ERP jobs won't be displayed on this forum and we will not be responsible for the same.

Post 60 days duration companies will have to re-post their job(s). All payments are made via secure  transactions. Companies can be rest assured on the safety and security of their data. Please read PayPal safety and security documents for more clarification.

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