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Memberships FAQs

  • Can i upgrade my membership when needed? Do i get any upgrade benefits
  • Can an affiliate be a Silver / Gold member?
  • Is there any limitations on how many affiliate memberships a user takes?
  • Please explain "User can earn back their membership fees"
  • Can an affiliate upgrade to Silver / Gold member?
  • Can i cancel my membership anytime?
  • What is the refund policy?
  • Can i add more users from my company for my paid account?
  • How do i cancel my membership?

KnowledgeBase FAQs

  • How can we put in a request to add more ERPs to the search list?
  • Is the ERP Search (KnowledgeBase) only for paid users?
  • How can we add our product(s) to the search listing?
  • How are you powering your KnowledgeBase site?
  • Can i also add my company site to this KnowledgeBase information?
  • How to make any change / addition requests to KnowledgeBase?

Payment FAQs

  • How does the affiliate payment mechanism work?
  • I see that you have only Paypal as payable mechanism. Do you accept other forms of payment?
  • Do you accept cheques as payment mechanism?
  • Can you add Google Wallet or PayU as payment types?
  • Is the payment for posting a job is refundable?

Jobs FAQs

  • I see that there are 20 country jobs added here. Are you planning on adding other country jobs as well?
  • Is there a charge to apply for these jobs?
  • I have uploaded my resume but still i cannot import the same when i am applying for a job.. why?
  • Can i post non-ERP jobs here?
  • Would i get notified when i post jobs?
  • Is there any discount for posting multiple jobs?

Company Listings FAQ

  • Companies search not working fine. I am not able to locate my company on the map.
  • Can another consultant contact me via Company Listings?